Our Club

We make weekends exciting.

We are an active dive club based in Mansfield and welcome anyone who is aged 12 years or over who would like to learn to dive.

BSAC is the UK’s leading dive club.  It’s recognised by the Sports Council as the sport’s National Governing Body. As a BSAC branch, we are able to provide BSAC approved diver training and Try Dives.

Already a qualified diver

As a BSAC dive branch, we welcome qualified divers from all other diving organisations, such as PADI and SAA who are looking to join a local dive club. Learn more about how BSAC’s qualifications equate to qualifications from other diving organisations here

Where We Meet

Pop in for a chat about joining the fun of diving with our club.

We meet every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm for dive theory lessons at the  MRS Training & Rescue centre followed by practical pool scuba lessons at 9 pm at the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Pool.

Learn to dive with Mansfield Seahorse Divers
Image courtesy of Elaine White
Learn to dive with Mansfield Seahorse Divers
Image courtesy of Elaine White

Theory Classes

Classroom Lessons – Tuesday 7.30pm at the M.R.S Training & Rescue Centre, Leeming Lane South, Mansfield, NG19 9AQ.

Pool Training

Pool Training Sessions – Tuesday 9pm at the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Pool, Westdale Rd, Mansfield NG19 7BZ.

Try It First – Only £15.00

Book a Try Dive to have a go at scuba in the pool with an instructor and discover just how much fun scuba really is. Contact us first.

Try Dive

If you are reading this page you have most likely been thinking for some time what it must be like to scuba dive,  to experience weightlessness, explore a 17th-century wreck or swim with seals.

Well, you have come to the right place and our Try Dives are a great way to discover why scuba diving is such a fun and amazing sport.

You will be paired with one of our experienced dive instructors. Following a safety brief, the instructor will introduce you to the dive equipment, help you kit up and then safely and progressively allow you to experience the thrill of swimming underwater using self-contained breathing apparatus (scuba)

9 pm Tuesday nights.
Rebecca Adlington Swimming Pool Westdale Rd, Mansfield NG19 7BZ.
How much?
£15.00 per person
How fit do I need to be?
You need to be reasonably fit and able to swim. In addition, you will need to be able to complete the below Try Dive Medical & Responsibility Declaration 
Do I need to book?
Yes, you need to book. We need to ensure we have an instructor available to take you on a Try Dive. Please, do not turn up without having first booked as we will not be able to allow you to dive.

How many Try Dives can I book?
BSAC limit the number of dives you can try as a none member to a maximum of 3. At this point you will need to join BSAC and a club to continue to dive.


Why learn to dive with BSAC?

BSAC is the UK’s leading dive club and recognised by the Sports Council as the sport’s National Governing Body. It is very well respected worldwide for the high standard of training it delivers and for the role it plays in developing the sport.

Here are some of the benefits;

UK's largest dive club
As the UK’s largest dive club you could not have a greater opportunity to get the most out of diving.
International excellence
BSAC develop the world’s best recreational diving training and deliver it through an extensive network of clubs and commercial centres where trainees are nurtured to become self-reliant excellent scuba divers.
National governing body
BSAC is the national governing body for the sport and has a huge voice in shaping the future of diving in the UK.
International recognition
BSAC qualifications are internationally recognised and highly respected for their depth and quality.
Worldwide locations
BSAC has centres all around the world in Japan, Korea, Thailand and many other locations.
Training focused, NOT profit focused
BSAC is a not for profit organisation and all of its diving instructors are volunteers. This means that we deliver progressive diver training at your pace. Each new experience is built upon step by step training.
Quality NOT quantity
We pride ourselves on delivering quality and consistent training to BSAC’s exacting standard, which is respected worldwide. We take as long as you need to perfect your diving skills.
Club life
There really is no better feeling than feeling part of a welcoming and friendly club, which is focused on supporting you to get the most out of your diving. We believe scuba divers get much more out of the sport as part of a club. Club life is not just about having access to great scuba training, it’s about being part of a social group of divers and enjoying diving together.
Diving opportunities
As a club we strive to organise as many diving opportunities throughout the year as possible. After all, that is why we learn to dive.
Ongoing diver skills development
As a BSAC member you have access to progress through further skills and qualifications via BSAC’s extensive Skills Development Courses.
Access to wider training
As a BSAC member you will also have access to wider regional and national training events.
Huge discounts
BSAC has negotiated huge discounts with leading dive suppliers and services on behalf of its members.
Peace of mind
BSAC provides members with excellent liability insurance cover.
Getting involved
As a member of a BSAC branch you will have the opportunity to become as involved as much as you like in the running of your local branch. If you choose to stand as a committee member you can really make a difference.
Supporting wider issues
BSAC is an ethical organisation that takes its responsibility to wider issues very seriously. BSAC campaigns and works to protect British underwater heritage and safeguard the UK’s precious waters and marine life for divers.

Already Qualified

Already a qualified diver? You’re in the right place to continue your scuba adventure with BSAC!

We welcome divers from other agencies and organisations such as PADI, SAA, SSI and many more.

Some of the many benefits of continuing your training with BSAC
UK's largest dive club
International recognition & excellence
National governing body
Ongoing skills development opportunities
Focused on training, NOT profit
Read about all the benefits here

If you are already a qualified diver then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch and come along to the club for a friendly chat.

BSAC equivalent qualifications